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Star Wars Fiddle Wars





The Young Strings students from Oakland Homeschool Music Institute in Michigan just performed their version of Fiddle Wars using Star Wars music. This video really shows off how much they learned. They had to memorize the music so well since they had to move around while playing and not be distracted by their light saber violin bows. When I had the students practice turning on their sabers while holding up the violins, I realized that they had to have very good violin posture. We did not want any violins to fall at this point.  Another great feature built into the space sounds section was following the conductor. The young players did not yet know how to follow a conductor, but were able to take my cue to turn on their lights when I pointed. Plus we all cut off together, very effective. During the main theme, the players had to come forward to execute their fight move, return to their spot and join in playing the melody. This was a great ear training feature. Well done to OHMI Young Strings. I am so proud!