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Music in the Wood Book Review

A page from the Music in the Wook picture book.

A page from the Music in the Wood picture book.


Music in the Wood by Cornelia Cornelissen


 This beautiful picture book photographed by John MacLachlan is about how to build string instruments. The book comes with a CD so you can hear the sound of the instrument being built. All the steps of the craft are highlighted with clear photos and close-ups. Readers will see the type of wood used and what tools are needed. My favorite part is seeing how the violin maker’s dog helps the process. I love to read this book to my young students. The last reading produced the perfect effect: we planned a field trip to see our local violin maker in his shop. (To see our visit check out our Young Strings Field Trip page.) Click on the link with the title above to go directly to Amazon and purchase this book. There are copies varying in price from $1 to $15.